Ende: The Birthplace of Pancasila

What an Amazing World!

A Catholic Church in Ende A Catholic Church in Ende

With an area sprawling as far as 5,200 km (more than 3,200 miles) from east to west, dotted with more than 17,000 islands – including some of the world’s biggest, inhabited by more than 300 ethnic groups speaking some 700 languages and following six official religions and dozens of indigenous beliefs, it is quite miraculous to see that Indonesia existed at all, especially in a world where international borders are often drawn along racial and sectarian lines. One of the toughest challenges the nation’s founding fathers encountered was formulating a common value, or a shared idea, or basic principles Indonesians can hold on to in order to keep the social fabric of the nation strong.

Despite being a largely Muslim country, Indonesia has pockets of Christian and Hindu-majority regions, a fact which makes Islamic law unfavorable not only by the minority groups but also by…

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